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Have I found a new home?

Antonio Edwardo

Home country: Guntar Forest, mostly known for its extravagtly made housing and temples the occupants all have knowledge of the crafts (Stone, Sand, and Wood) and can craft just about everything known to man….or elf. Known to wear armor at all times in case of attack, for they are a small people.

Physical Appearance: A tall handsome knight that refuses to show his face until he feels welcome. He has a scar on his right eye he obtained from the war that destroyed his home town

Personality: Sad but he can always seem to find good in other people, he is also very curious about the world around him and is always wanting to help other however he can. He is a very good companion to have whether you are going hunting or mining. He never wants to hurt a single persom, but he would give his own life to help a friend in need.

Backstory: Antonio Edwardo was born in an elvish country by the Guntar Forest with two brother, George and Roberto and his sister Sofia. He lived in the town orphanage at the center of town, because his parents feel to there deaths at the Guntar mining ravine, but to this day no one knows why they ventured there. As he grew up he tried to keep his siblings in line, but they were always getting into mischief.

One day a stranger came to town looking for supplies and a place to sleep, little did the town know it was a Rovian spy. He befriended young Roberto and George and tricked them into giving them the secrets of the town and without a word vanished.

Two months later the army of Rova can to the town and fought to the death with the Guntars for the secret of Guntar mining ravine. The Rova Destroyed the entire village leaving no one alive...or so they thought. Antonio The lone survivor left in search of a new town to war them of the Rova and to seek revenge for his Family