Arthzyania was founded in the year 37, when Kugeth the Conquerer landed on the Isle of Lightning, and claimed it for his people. Since then, Arthzyania has been ruling with the same form of government- an absolute monarchy, with the only others with a say in the ruling of the country named by the King himself.

The Arthzyanian Civil WarEdit

 In the year 49, there was a large uprising amongst many farmers and lower class citizens of Arthzyania. Large riots, looting, and fires were everywhere. Kugeth, in an effort to stop these riots, sent out large ammounts of Castle Guardsmen, leaving himself vulnerable. The castle was stormed; Kugeth, his wife, and three children were killed.
 After the death of Kugeth, the question was who would rule, and how? Many of the poor wanted a democracy, but they lacked the organization they needed to set up a government. Many wealthy lords hired sellswords and mercenaries, and a civil war broke out. In the end, the house of Eladriendil took control. Croreloth I became the new king of Arthzyania. His rivals were made to fight in the arena; some against other enemies of Croreloth, others against horrible monsters.

The Expansion Age

 Although the Arthzyanians were very powerful from the Isle of Lightning, Croreloth V still desired more. Conquering of nearby islands and frozen lands to the North established Croreloth V the nickname "The Second Conqueror." Despite theses captures, he wanted more. Large ammounts of explorers and scouts were sent in all directions. Those who traveled far West have found Ciiya. Colonization there will soon begin, as will attempts to convert locals to Arthzyanian Polytheism.


 Arthzyanians worship five unamed gods - the god of war, the god of death, the god of wealth, the god of seas, and the god nature. The place of worship is often a church or temple of some sort, but holy sites are often created for each god in certain places. These are also used for religulous gatherings, whether it is a trial by combat or the celebration of a holiday.