Augustus Rutherford is a human demolitionist and former alchemist. His age, though very old, is unknown, as Rutherford refuses to answer this question. Rutherford's sight and hearing are far beyond impaired, and he oftentime mistakes the identity of people he meets. His memory isn't much better.


Rutherford is often described as insane, and always describes himself as senile. He tries to bring humor out of many situations, but only when appropriate. He loves explosives and specializes in their use. On the rare occasion he has some TNT stored up, he loves to put on firework shows.


Rutherford tells many stories about his youth, granted most of these are tall tales. Two things known for certain about his past are that he was at one point a mage-in-training and was once married.

The Mage's GuildEdit

Rutherford oftentime humors himself concerning his magical past and whether or not he would return to it. It is known he studied at the Mage's Guild in Bridgecrest and eventually applied to join The Magical Order as an alchemist. He eventually dropped out, however, in the pursuit of love.


Laina was also a mage-in-training and the lover/spouse of Augustus. They both met in the Mage's Guild and fell deeply in love, dropping out of the College because of this. Not much is known about her, as Rutherford dislikes talking about the subject. All Rutherford has revealed about her is that she loved snow. According to those living in Bridgecrest today who knew her, she was born with a rare disease that later took her life.


Currently, Rutherford makes his home in Frozen Hold, admiring the snow. He spends most of his time experimenting with explosives and their practical uses while mining. He is good friends with Xaan Arcanescape.