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Ben Sapphire, A half angel, is a local resident of Portside. He enjoyes reading, painting, and eating apples. He loves animals as well as human kind.

Age: 19 (In angel years, he was actually 113 before he died)

Name: Benjamin Mentac Sapphire

Relgion/Faction: Former member of the Church of Notch

Aura: Light When Happy, Hostile when upset.

Birth: 476

Death: 589


At age five, his parents were murdered and slaughtered before his very eyes by cultists. He was put into a foster program, and his step-parents were cultists, and they were murdered by more cultists. He lost his senses one by one, and notch restored them as well as put an Angel's soul into him, making him a Half-angel. He found a humble man, Ryaan Donsuan. Ryaan took care of him, and tought him to defend himself, all at age 9 (34). He was also murdered, and then scalped by cultists. He found his way to Yntek, a small town on the coast of a his home country. He sailed his way to a port, where an Immagration boat was taking off. Him, being 14 (68) now, decided to take the boat to new civilizations. Whence they arrived, he found a small tent to reside in, being 19 (101). Then, he sailed his way to Portside, where he resided before his death. He killed himself because of Emma's (his Grilfriend) death.

Love LifeEdit

Emma De Rogue. They found each other when they bumped together in a storm.

They lost each other when they went on a romantic cruise where a unkown monster of the sea attacked the ship. As a result the ship sank. Ben was devestated, and to current day is looking for her all over and is about to abandon all hope about it and lose his mind completely. completely.

Recently, he was searching for an apple, and he was trying to forget about Emma... When he found her dead body on the coast. He buried her in the spot he found her, and he was about to lose control. He did, and he ripped up his house and marked all over the walls.

Then, he lost all control and killed himself, and buried himself in a grave next to Emma's.