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This is Dronre's (Tonix) character.

Name: Celian Vyncent

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Short Biography:

Celian Vyncent has a family of a long line of knights. His ancestors have all been knights for the past 200 years, starting with the once famous, Symas Vyncent. But Celian wanted to put a change to this. He was born with magic capability, and he knew that it could greatly be used to his advantage. Celian's brother, Kyron Vyncent, was traditionally a knight. But Celian decided to go on another path, he travelled from the home city of his family which his family has always been loyal to and protected, and he went to Portside, a large seatown where a Magical Order recruiting station was based. Celian settled in with the townsfolk and tried his hardest to become a real mage, so he could later go back to his home city, Elleria, and teach his family something that would have really helped them for the past 200 years.

Now, Celian is proudly the Earth Magi of the Magical Order and enjoys teaching his students.

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This character is now dead. He was killed after trying to retire from the Magic Order.

Dronre 22:30, February 11, 2012 (UTC)