Chat Channels

There are currently five channels in which regular players are allowed to use on the server. These channels change who can see the messages that you have typed when you are on the server.

1. Global - to turn to global chat type /ch g

In global, everybody on the server can see your messages. This is the normal channel to talk out of character and out of roleplay.

2. Local - to turn to local chat type /ch l

In local, you can be heard by people in your area. So if you and somebody else are both in different ares of the same town, you will be able to talk to eachother using local without people in other and further away towns to see you say. Another out of character chat not to be used for roleplay

3. Speak - to turn to speak chat type /ch s

This is a roleplay chat! When you want to roleplay on the server, please use this chat. Only people that are near you will be able to hear you, and so it is ideal to be used for normal roleplay.

4. Whisper - to turn to whisper chat type /ch w

This is a roleplay chat! On whisper, only people very close to ou can hear you. It is ideal if you want to tell somebody something secretive in roleplay.

5. Yell - to turn to yell type /ch y

This is a roleplay chat! Yell is used for long distance roleplay chat. If you are trying to get somebody's attention in roleplay, this is the chat you should use.

*Please remember that the overuse of any of these chats could cause you to be muted. Admins and Mods WILL mute you after warning if you do not obey the rules.*

Dronre 08:17, October 20, 2011 (UTC)