The Church of Notch




146 N.E


Trevek 6 A.N - 389 A.N Sulu 389 A.N - Current Year

Current Leader:

Grand-Pope Liam Fairchild


Knights of Notch

The Church of Notch is most regcognized around the Province of Minecraftia, along side other regions aswell. It dates back to the ancient times of the worship of a man by the name of Notch, who they believed to be the "creator" and the one who gave them life. First signs of these churches were starting off in small humble towns, but now are notably large. The main Temple of Notch is located in the Capital city of Trevek, in the Minecraftia Province. The Main Temple is known as "The Pillars of Life" to the locals. Culturaly, there beliefs and morals are straight-forward, there are simplists and tend to not pay attention to those that do not believe in Notch. The Church of Notch is strictly against the Cult of Herobrine and The Magical Order. Followers of the church meet every Thursday for mass, that consists of reading from The Book of Notch. The Book of Notch has dated back to the year of 27, as the writer is unknown. Even to this day, The Church of Notch remains the most practiced religion in Minecraft, as the old-fasioned traditional views of the Church are still being accepted.


The Church of Notch was founded by Notch himself, in the early year of 146 N.E (Notch Era). Notch started a group-church at the age of 12. Because he was highly charismatic, Notch was able to keep a steady flow of visitors to the Church. By the year of 167 N.E, The Church of Notch opened its first Church Hall in the town of Crestside in the Gavenhale Province.

Book of NotchEdit

Little is known on the history of The Book of Notch, it was written by a unknown author in the year of 27 A.F. The book tells the history of Notch, aswell as his motive for The Church. It contains several prayers and stories that are still practiced to this day.

The Church of Notch Ranking SystemEdit

Since Grand Inquisitor Took over the Church of Notch, there has Been a Ranking system. The Ranks can be found in Various Places. The military is Small, With only 3 Enlisted Ranks and only two Oficcer Ranks.

The church of Notch Priestly Branch:




High Abbot


The Church of Notch Military Branch: