The Republic of Ciiya is a large island based off the Coastside provinces of Minecraftia. The Island is home to several ancient cities and holds some of Minecraft's oldest Ruins. Ciiya has been the hub of transport for several decades, as many portside towns accept thousands of shipments daily. Recently, the population of Ciiya has risen to nearly 200 thousand inhabitants, topping over The Ilses of Sulu and other Provinces.


The Island of Ciiya was founded by Osland Explorers during the beginning of the Second Era. The Island was under control by the Osland Council until the the late Second Era, when the Minecraftia Province took control. During the time that Osland ruled, several cities were constructed as holds for the Osland People. During the construction of many of the cities, builders came across several Ancient Ruins scattered around the land. It was believed that most of the ruins were under control by the ancients before recoreded time, however this has not been prooved.


The Geography of the land consists mostly of vast plains and wastelands, although there is several Mixed Forest Biomes. Strangely, in the center of the Island holds a large Artic Region, which is rare for the Island's climate.