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Erurainon is usually quiet as to his heritage; however, birth records indicate that he is from a secluded town that was known for having denizens adept in the magical arts. However, for an unknown reason, hundreds upon thousands of undead ravaged the town within a couple days. Only few were known to escape, but even then they were reclusive when asked to speak about it.

Personality and MannerismsEdit

Erurainon is has two ways of reacting to when he meets new people; he can either be very accepting and agreeable or he can be very distrusting and hate-filled. He will work hard when given work, but he often prefers to live in seculsion or in a small group as opposed to in a big city. Some have seen him sneak away to a citadel in unknown plains, but he does have apartments in some of the major cities as a way of commerce and convenience.

Current StatusEdit

Erurainon currently resides within the Citadel of the Void, a safe haven for those persecuted for studying dark magic, where he conducts experiments relating to harnessing dark energies and those of the void in order to further unknown goals. He is known to have bases around Ciiya for reasons unknown. Some believe he might be be a Herobrine cultist, a worhipper of The End, and others just believe that he prefers the isolation. He is slowly setting up a reagent shop chain within some of the major ports and cities. He abhors the Order for ostracizing those who practice dark magic and how they will not accept it as a true form of magic.


Vyse (Evil cookies :3)

Raynguard Azhul

Michael Steelblade