Diamond Sword
Diamond sword


Very High





First Developed:

347 A.N

Developed By:

Sunseam Solutions

The Diamond Sword was first developed during the Diamond Rush in 347 A.N by the corporation Sunseam Solutions . The Diamond Sword is most commonly used in Adventurers, Hunters, Guards or anyone who can afford its expensive manufacture charge.


From 322 to 386, Minecraftia underwent drastic changes in mining, as the technique "Branch-Mining" was first introduced. Mining Companies noticed that using the Branch method lead to a increased find in Diamonds. Sunseam Solutions was the first to bring up the method of super-smelting Diamond Ore to mold into a Diamond Sword. After several failed attempts, the Diamond Sword was created. At first, it was to be only used City Guards, but not long after it was released to the public. Diamond swords are made when smelting 3 Diamond Ore into a sword mold.