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341 A.N


Dimitri Gaunshtein



Current Leader:

Dimitri Gaunshtein

Dimitri Gaunshtein Blacksmith and Forge Was Founded by Dimitri Gaunshtein in the Year 341 A.N. Dimitri was Born into A family of Dwarves, and they Basically Worked in the Forges in Slavery all their life, So he Was an Expert at the Forge and Blacksmithery.


As Stated Earlier, Dimitri Gaunshtein was Born Into slavery, He mainly worked the Forges making Weapons and Armor, but he Mined A lot as well. In the year 340 A.N, Dimitri Crafted the ONLY Diamond Sword in the whole Slavery Prison Type location, He used it to Kill most of the guards and escaped, Sadly, He was the only slave to escape before Reinforcements came. After Travelling a Few days, Dimitri Came upon a City, known as Baycroft. He Looked around and decided that He would Seek Residency there. After Settling in his new house, He looked around for a Forge and Blacksmith, But the only one was Abandoned. Dimitri Decided to Renovate it to his liking and Opened it as the First Forge he Ever owned, It was Very Successful.

Recent YearsEdit

In the year 352 A.N, A city known as Syren was built, With a Keep in it, they lacked a Blacksmith. So the leader of Syren Asked Dimitri To open a Location in The city, And dimitri Accepted the Offer. Dimitri Also opened a Location in Temple hill, So he now has Three locations.