Name Galleth Grimsnak
age 16 ( about 316 years old)
job Smithy/ blacksmith and a pub owner
Race Dwarf
home town (oringinal)


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Galleth in the pub



Galleth grew up in a poor family at the age of five he was sent to the forge to earn money for his family he didnt get a proper education he learnt to read ad write and a bit of maths but that was it. He went to the forge and learned under the head blacksmith Telleck. Telleck was great to him he taught him everything he knew at the forge but of course that took some time. Galleths Hammer is the first ever thing he made in the forge. his family won something like a lottery and became rich and took him out the forge at the age of ten. Galleth didnt want to leave he enjoyed it there better than anything else in the world. His father Yacketh Grimsnak took out of the forge and was sent to school but by now Galleth had missed out so much of an education he was teased and taunted at school. one day he ran away from school and headed to the forge where he hid. it was a many hours before anyone found him. the person who found him was Telleck him adn Telleck had a long talk and eventually Telleck said this "i have no kids and your the closest thing i have to a son take this sword it's a family sword handed down for generations and now i want you to have it it is enchanted so that if it lost it will return to the owner in time. You are the owner now here take it and look after it." and with that he left and he was never seen again. at the age of 15 Galleth had gone back to school and learnt a bit ,ore but he decided to leave on a adventure to find Telleck. There as a possibilty that he was dead but something in side Galleth tld him he wasn't. one morning Galleth got up and got his things most close to him he left his family a note saying where he had gone and what he was going to do and he would send post cards to them. he set out stopping at every village and town he came acroos asking if they had seen this man and lifted up a photo and it was all the same answer.


A very happy dwarf and cheerfull you will rarely find him sad but if you do you know something is is wrong


galleth as you know is part of sacreth which makes him part of the Sacreth clan. the clan emblem

looks like this but galleth wears the more simple verison


Sacreth clan emblem