Herobrine was a Semi-Mortal being that was most commonly refered to at "The Great Lord" or by several other aliases. He was described to be an average height, with clear white eye's. Not much is known of his history, however some speculations believe that he was an Anti-Notch Supreme Cultist.


Legend holds that when Herobrine was born, he was gifted the an alertenate Dimension to his own will, which he titled The Nether. Since he grew, Herobrine has still reined over The Nether, causing several issues on the Real World.

Attack on CiiyaEdit

Soon before the Magical Order Rebellion, Herobrine gathered his forces and launched an attack on Ragnar's Hold using Nether-magicks. He created a dark cloud over the town, allowing his minions to be summoned in the town without consequence, even at the day's brightest. The guards and citizens were quickly evacuated, and most who stayed behind were killed.
Eventually, a group of heroes entered the town and climbed a pillar leading to the cloud. Inside, a portal wsa found leading to Herobrine. Once there, the group engaged in battle. Many died, but entirley in vain as Herobrine was defeated, and Ragnarshold saved.
Herobrine was supposed dead, but suspicions rose that he was not due to his invinicility to lava.
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Working with Klethu and Nega-GuspachoEdit

Much time later, the rumors were confirmed true with the re-emergin of Herobrine. Although this time, he was the only being with the destruction of Ciiya in mind.
Herobrine cautiously allied himself with Klethu and Nega-Guspacho, not trusting Klethu, and believing Nega-Guspacho to be a power-hungry fool.
When Klethu proposed Herobrine merge with him, Herobrine refused. Klethu then privately instructed nega-Guspacho to convince the lord of the Nether to go through with the plan. Nega-Guspacho completed his mission, getting Herobrine to merge after lying to Herobrine about the limit of his power.
Hrobrine believed Nega-Guspacho to be capable of taking Klethu easily and gave him his sword, The Sword of Herobrine. Herobrine instructed Nega-Guspacho to kill Klethu, should Klethu go against his word, something Klethu and Nega-Guspacho had intended to do the entire time.
Herobrine confronted Klethu and told him although he had his doubts about the merging at first, he trusted Klethu to focus on the destruction of Ciiya. He told Klethu of the sword and instructed Nega-Guspacho to give it to the Underversian god. Nega-Guspacho, however, gave Klethu a lesser powerful look-alike, fooling the two Gods.
Klethu merged with Herobrine, making his power a part of Klethu's, who gave some to Nega-Guspacho in exchange for helping him convince Herobrine to sacrafice his life-force.