Human Alkalais Virus
Cancer cell, breast
Photo of the HAV-Cell

First Discovered:

317 A.N



Cell Family:



Severe Light Sensetivity, Severe Muscle Spasms, Loss of Vision, Stomach Diteriation

The Human Alkalais Virus is a Mutagen Stran Cell Virus first founded by Scientist Rick Goldway in 317 A.N. The HAV (Human Alkalais Virus) is contracted by hereditary genetics that pass via family generations. The HAV is known for causing several severe Symptoms aswell as slowly killing the victim.


First founded by Rick Goldway, the HAV was discovered during autopsy of a sudden-death victim. Goldway noticed the severe stomach diteriation, aswell as inflamed cataracts. After countless months of research, it was discovered that 1 in 50 humanoids can contract the Virus. It is immune to Orcs and Elfs.


As of today, there is no treatment for the HAV. Although with extreme hospitalization, it is possible to hinder the side-effects of the Virus. Most victims have 2 years to live before the HAV kills them.