Iron chestplate

An Iron Chestplate.

Strong, dependable, and reasonably long lasting, iron tools and weapons form the mainstay of most every adventurer’s arsenal. But what about their armor?


A heavy, full-featured suit of iron and stone armor that covers the entire body, including the head, which is often left uncovered by Minecraftians, most often worn by military forces on the battlefield, well enough to do city guards, and the adventurers who can shell out the cash or the raw materials for it. It is thick and heavy and has hooked boots, and all for good reason – it is often worn by knights and horse mounted paladins, who by virtue of it’s nature slows their movement down and is greatly encumbering, but offers the greatest protection the average Minecraftian is ever going to know.


(Again, another work in progress. If you have any ideas about it's origin, drop me a line.)