The Knights of Notch
Forever Fighting For Freedom


Grand-Pope Warwickson


352 A.N


Syren City: 352 A.N - 384 A.N Melerian City: 384 - Current Year

Current Leader:

Knight Nolan


Church Of Notch

The Knights of Notch were founded in 352 A.N by Grand-Pope Warwickson after the Great 17 Year War to protect the boarders of Trevek. They are most known for their Diamond Armour sets and highly skilled members. The Knights of Notch have several classes within the group, from Archer to Swordsman. Before the Great Nether War of Minecraftia, the Night's headquaters were located in Syren City. They currently reside in Melerian City.


After the near 2 decade-war between Minecraftia and the Artic Provinces, fear loomed over Minecraftia that the borders may be attacked again. Although the decision was not thought out, The Knights of Notch werea formed. At first, their task was to guard every entrance into Minecraftia, but then were later asigned to the official guards of the country.

Ranking SystemEdit

The Knights of Notch Ranking system has been a Great edition to the Knights since the Creation of the Knights. The Ranks were changed when Commander Nolan was Promoted to the Leader. The Ranks can be found at the Knights of Notch keep. The Ranks Descending from lowest to highest are:

  • Knight
  • Captain
  • Centurion
  • Crusader
  • Commander