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Lerin Sintag sporting his doctor's outfit.

The Doctor Himself
Lerin Sintag



Height and Weight.

6ft and weighs 140lb.




[Father:] Johnathan Sintag [Mother:] Marry Sintag [Sister:] Brim Sintag


Ulfric Mongsten


Doctor, Warrior,

Weapons of Choice

Poisons, Potions, Swords,


Armored Cross

  • A 6 foot tall man, weighing in at 140 pounds.
  • He is described as an easy going man, that protects his friends and family.
  • He often tries to be a ladie's man, but ends up getting himself into awkward conversations when trying to be charismatic.
  • His doctor's outfit comes from his hometown of Meirk.

The Plague

Lerin was born into a small peasent family in the town of Meirk, along the coast of Osland. His family was very poor, and could not afford schooling for there children, and barely put food on the table. On his 8th birthday, his father and mother saved up money all year to buy him his first alchemy set. Lerin fiddled around with it, but reallly started getting interested at the age of 12.
Lerin made his first potion when he was 12. Although it was a basic potion, it was still his first, and he wanted more. Lerin began making basic potions and selling them for a few gold nuggets each. He was able to help support his family, and after a long while, he was able to save up enough money to send himself to school. Lerin took studies in alchemy and enchanting, and took great pride in his work.
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An view of Meirk

Ulfric also spent some time with Lerin and taught him the art of the sword.
One day, one of the town guards was stricken with a high fever and shallow breathing. With in 2 days he was dead. By now, Lerin was 16 and had become one of the town doctors, not to mention an on-field medic for the troops. Soon, people from all over the village were becoming infected with this disease. Lerin and the rest of the doctor's worked to cure it, but nothing worked. Lerin used the plague to make poisons to fend off invaders that could possibly come in the village's weak state. Lerin's sister soon was stricken down and died, and his father fell after her. Word came from the kingdom that a plague had hit, and that 7 villages were already destroyed by the disease.
Ulfric fled Meirk, deciding to live out his life in Ciiya, the continent across the ocean. Lerin wanted to go with Ulfric, but decided he should stay to help. After one week of the plague, Lerin ran away from his dying people, including his frail mother, laying on her deathbed. Lerin would never forgive himself for running away.