Maximus Graewall was an Abolished Notch Priest, who was found guilty of Fraudulent Nether Charges. He excisted during the time of Hysair Benh and Michael Crest, and was defeated by the both of them during The Great Nether War.


Maximus Graewall was born in Temple Hill, Minecraftia. It is unaware of what year he was born in, due to the fact that there are little traces of his childhood.

Priest YearsEdit

Graewall entered The Church of Notchat the age of 27, as he studied the life of a pastor in the College of Trevek. After graduating at the mere age of 30, Maximus was titled Head Priest of Temple Hill. It was not until several year's later when Maximus became obsessed with the Nether, and turned on the entire town with cult actions.

Cultist YearsEdit

After being abolished by The Church of Notch, Graewall was summoned into the Nether by Herobrine, where it was believed that he was tasked to destroy Temple Hill. Resulting in Failure, Hysair Benh and Michael Crest sent Maximus Graewall into the Nether via pushing him through a Gate, then destroying it. It was believed that Maximus later contracted The Netherian Sickness, where he began to Rot from the inside out.


Graewall, after contracting Netherian Sickness.