Meaglin Surion

Meaglin Surion was General soon to be crowned king of Trevek that was until Trevek was attacked by Herobrine and his demonic minions on that night most of the city was destroyed and Meaglin and his great friend Lord Colm seeked revenge (i will add more when the story develops i want no SPOILERS you will know what happens soon enough).

Early life Edit

Meaglin's early infant years are a mystery all there is to tell is that he was given to a middle class Human family on the outskirts of Trevek on a late Autumn morning he was not a full human or full elf it was illegal in Minecraftia for a Human and an elf to have a sexual relationship so they didn't want Meaglin to be away so they gave them to a Human family. no one ever knew him had any idea that he was half elf half human. But his lust for knowledge, his quick reflexes and agility made him a local celebrity.

Adolescent years Edit

Meaglin Surion went to a private school where he learnt the rules of magic politics law astrology and mysteries of the over world and the nether world myths and legends of many kinds in Minecraftia.

It was when he was 16 he met his friend Colm Hogg he was near to death from starvation and dehydration Meaglin immidietly helped this dieing stranger therefore starting a great friendship while Colm was 15 at the time he was not well educated and didn't know how to read or write Meaglin taught him how to do both. although Colm had no family he said they all died from famine Colm did not cry or weep at this as if his soal had been killed along with them Meaglin felt sorry for Colm and let him live at home with him he got new clothes for him in the Market district and Meaglin said I always wanted to be a soldier Meaglin said why Colm said because my father was one he was a sergeant but he had died after the tower he was in collapsed there was no investigation as to why it collapsed all the soldiers died but they all had a proper burial which was a good thing but they never found his dads body and it troubled him a lot so Meaglin said so do you want to join i heard they are recruiting, Colm said yes please i would like that and meaglin thought why the hell not so they both recuited in the army.

Adult life before the Great Nether War Edit

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Meaglin Surion during the Great Nether War.->