Melerian City is the capital of the Ciiyan Province. It is notable for its unique districts, ancient architecture and the Royal Council presence. Melerian City is also home to The Magical Order's largest facility, as well as one of the oldest Chruch's that belong to the Religion of Notch. Problems in recent years have been the constant issue of thievery, causing the city to engage a curfew during the evening hours. The city has been notable to be a tourist location for travelers visiting Ciiya, as there are several Inns and notable locations for Tourists to visit.


Founded in the late First Era by Osland Explorer's, Melerian City started off as a outpost for settlers arriving at the new found land, construction later included addition of housing, shops and a Church representing the ancient practice of The Sands. The City remained under Osland control until the later Second Era when the Minecraftian Army won the Battle of The Province of Ciiya. After the battle, most of Melerian was destroyed, leaving the land able for reconstruction. The Minecraftian Emperor, Ultmer VII, ordered that the city was constructed with high walls, and was diveded into districts. The City was completed after nearly 24 years of construction. Melerian remained under Minecraftian control until the developement of the Ciiyan Empire.


Melerian City is split into 6 different districts, each with different features from the other.

  • Residential District - Consisting mostly of citizen housing and shops.
  • Arena District - Contains the Melerian City Arena, which holds events and battles.
  • Mage District - Contains the Magical Order's largest Facility, also holding a few gardens and satues.
  • Undercity - Different from all other districts, The Undercity is situated directly below the City. It was originally Melerion City, until Minecraftian's built over-top of it. It is filled with the sick and poor.
  • Temple District - Contains the Church of Notch, and several Gardens.
  • Council District - Contains the Ciiyan Council House, and several Premium Shops. As well as the notable Manor's of the Jarl's.