Minecraftia Map

Minecraftia is the largest and most known continent in the world of Minecraft. It houses the largest City in Minecraft, New Trevek City. It is well known for its many different climate regions, such as deserts, grasslands, rainforests and artic lands. It is believed to be the birthpalce of Notch.


Minecraftia was founded in the year 6 A.N by Orcish Explorers from Sulu. It was already populated with several tribes. Many other countries settled to Minecraftia after the discovery of rich gold resources in 26 A.N, which started the mass-migration of Minecraftia. By the year of 37 A.N, the population of Minecraftia had topped over 1 Million inhabitants and Craftia was founded.

The Great Nether WarEdit

Before the destruction of the Trevek, thousands of Nether Gates spawned about the land, which caused several issues throughout the Government and the Economy itself. It was ordered that the Minecraftian Army was dispatched to aide the fight against the Nether, however a Great Gate was spawned, which eruption caused the entire Province to split into two. The Vivellia Province burned the Trevek and about 300 thousand people were killed.Some Trevek Stevees got away from the Vivellia Army. In 1299 A.N Minetoman seigniory was founded.