Members: Zeine spellscale, Kitamura, Finnigan, , .

Story (From Zeine's viewpoint)

1: The Beginning:

I am at port town. I find a person passing by with a wolf. This person's name happens to be Kitamura. Thankfully, he is not a cultist. His wolf is called oji. He is ambushed by creepers. there was nothing I could do to help poor oji. He was destroyed by those fiends. Kitamura swore revenge on those creepers, and then another person walked by called Finnagan. I told them both my story, but I left out about how the cultists were still following me. Soon after, kitamura took us to his house. We stayed there for the night. I found oji's corpse, and while no-one was looking, I revived him and removed his collar. I told kitamura I found a wolf, and he recognised oji at once.

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