Netherian Sickness
Photo of the Netherian Cell

First Discovered:

402 A.N



Cell Family:



Severe Skin Irretation, Loss of Vision, Extreme Muscle Pain, Loss of Blood, Skin Hardening, Muscle Diteriation

The Netherian Sickness is a highly dangerous Carcinogenic Disease that is contracted from over-exposure to the Nether.


The Netherian Sickness was first discovered in 402 A.N by Doctor Mary Thompson after a patient who had recently visted the Nether complained about loss of vision. After 2 weeks, the patient was reported dead. After researching the body, scientists discovered that the inside of the patient was horribly misfigured, which Nether-Rack growing inside of the Muscles. After several tests, scientists reported that after 4 weeks of contracting the Netherian Sickness, victims completly transform into Mutated Nether-Creatures.


There are several antibiotics that have been developed through herbs, although they are extremly hard to obtain. Victims often rely on The Church of Notch for blessings, however this method has not been prooven to cure Netherian Sickness.