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New Ramenzaft

New Rampenzaft is a town just known to few and is hard to find. It is owned by Nick Druselham and is inhabited by at least 15 people. This town is the home of The Armored Cross and holds the HQ of the budding group. The town includes: a farm, a mine, a animal farm, a nessessities shop, and a very small church. It has a road connecting from the front gate to Melerian City.

City History:Originally called Rampenzaft,it was owned by(user:)Owain

Nick was the co-owner and took care of the citizens while Owain took care of the city itself.The city was attacked by
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The New Rampenzaft flag


Dominion.The city was burned a few days later.The ruins can be found next to BridgePoint.New Rampenzaft was built 1 month later,By Nick Druselham,Final,and Blaze Crimsenock.The citizens also helped in the building.The city stand as a proud allie to the Dominion,Magical Order,Van Guard,Deficance,Armed Cross,Peace Guild,and the Knights of Notch.The city has no certain enemies,it and its citizens live in dear peace but are still ready to fight in case of any attacks.The city supports all and is ready to fight.

-New Rampenzaft

-City of peace and harmony