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Nick Druselham in New Rampenzaft

Nick Druselham==

Nick first was born into a royal cultist family on a cultist island.After years of learning dark magic Nick was sent to the Nether to learn from Herobrine himself.He learned the true use of Darkmagic and used it against Cult servants to create one of the biggest Nether Forttesses in the Nether.He ruled the entire island of Netherack.Then Herobrine began to thing badly of Nick so he destroyed his fortress and Kicked Nick from the Nether.Since Nick turned into a Demon when he entered the Nether he had to take shape of his old Human body.He lived in the middle of nowhere alone for a while.Then found a small set of islands.He met a fellow Named Daniel.They adventured the land together and soon made a city of their own.Colonial City.the city was the msot populated on the set of islands.then Herobrine came arift and destroyed them.the peopel of the islands retreated to a continent called Ciiya.When Nick got off the boat he felt a dark presence creeping upond him.Ever since Nick walked off the boat Herobrine possessed him from time to time.He adventured with many mroe people until finding his old pal Daniel.Nick Made a city called Rampenzaft with a fellow named(user:)Owain.The city was small but had many citizens.A man named Danher who was their builder Taxed people on the road without permission from Nick or Lord Sigmund.The Dominion took this as if the whole city was apart of it and attacked.The city lost and was burned to the ground.Nick Moved to Melarion to see Daniels hosue so he moved next door.In that time he met the love of his life,Zafirah.He acted weird around her by accident and always mumbled.He found that her and Xan were in love and raged himself to almost death.Nick calmed after a while and let it go.He took some time alone and rebuilt Rampenzaft and renamed it New Rampenzaft.The city now is booming with citizens with a population of around 15.Nick is now disappeared into the Nether and is unknown to return.Terrance Bloodworth is taking care of his stores and city while he is gone.Contact him for more Infromation of Nicks happenings