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Raynor in his habitat

Minecraft Username:Shaft_this

Roleplay Name:Raynor

Physical Appearance

Can me found with special gloves that increase his alchemy skill and goggles for making poison

His home:

always going back through worlds from minecraftia and the nether. (quote)This world is full of ingredents and magic energy in the air that makes my potions stronger.


alchemy,enchanting,bow and arrows, heavy armor, and other magic arts

Backstory:As a child Raynor was a farmers son but one day his village was burn down by bandits. He ran as far as he could then came a across a ranger that took him as an apprentice ( were he learned his bow skills and able to survive harsh enviroments like the nether) while he was training he met a mage who taught him magic whithout his masters knowledge.

Weaknesses: Flashbacks that leave him open, mentioning his village, destroying his portals and tampering with his alchemy equiments.

Goals: trying to join magical order.


-can be found as random animals beacuase of alchemy acidents

-can be found wearing ranger clothes

-always carrys instant damage potions and poisons (if you make him mad he will kill you)

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