The Shields of Solitude are a group of Solitude's most important citizens and warriors. Their members recruit from all parts of Solitudes population, from local traders to city the guards leaders. They understand themselves as the elite of Solitude and see it as their duty to protect Solitude from any danger, be it from the inside or the outside. In their opinion Solitudes safety has to be achieved by all means. Their ways to achieve that goal range from builing fortifications over stockpiling weapons to trainign the citizens in the use of weapons.


The founding day of The Shields of Solitude is unknown as the organisation started as a secret organization. About 5 years ago and enemy empire tried to capture the city and killed some of the elders on order to take control over Solitude. The emperor was fought off by the rest of the elders and the army supported by the local traders. During the combat the organization was found and after the war was over the organisation was made puplic. Today the organisation invites the cities best citizens to join them.


So far the Shields of Solitude are busy builing fortifications of all kinf including a fortress, walls and watchtowers along Solitudes frontiers. But they also seem to prepare diplomatic missions to Rgnars Hold and other cities.