Solitude Edit

Solitude is a small village in the province of Ciiya. Its is several day's journeys away from any other form of Civilization. The nearest City is Ragnar's Hold, which is about 4 day's journeys away. Currently Solitude is not associated with any faction nor is it in war with any faction.

Solitude has about 100 citizens. The soil is heavy and fertile which grants great harvests. Currently wheat, melons, pumpkins, sugar and cacti are cultivated. The fields are the only source of income the towns mine and sawmill are just small and are rarely used still the villages need them.

The food is mostly traded to Ragnars hold, where it is exchanged for Iron or Stone. The citizens have no skilled miners among them so they need to get Iron and sometimes Stone that way. That is also the reason why Solitudes houses are mostly built out of wood. The city does not have any greater buildings that should be mentioned here. Most of the citizens belong to the cult of the six divines, a cult brought by the immigarnts who founded the city.


Solitude was founded about ten years ago by immigrants from the empire of Heaven Island on the continent of Backdraftia. After several catastrophies the empire endured a severe civil war and the few who remained had to flee. Those finally reached the haven of Portside and decided to start a new live on the continent. After wandering around for some time they found a place far away enought to remain undisturbed but near enough for trade. They settled down and called the village Solitude to express their feelings as they felt lonely so far away from their motherland. Today about 90% of the citizens consist of those immigrants and only few peple have moved to Solitude from other citys of the continent.