Sunseam Solutions Inc.
"Inovating for Life"




Gold & Diamond Research


341 A.N


Alexander Sunseam


Melarion City

Current Leader:

Garret Crest

Sunseam Solutions Inc. is a Mega-Conglomorate Corporation within the world of Minecraft. They specalise in Diamond & Gold Reasearch and Developement. They are most known for the creation of the Diamond & Gold Sword.


Founded by Alexander Sunseam in 341 A.N, Sunseam Solutions was introduced into Minecraftia as a mining business. During the Diamond Rush Decade, Sunseam was responsible for leading in the Mining Trade within the world. It was not soon after that Sunseam Solutions developed the Diamond Sword, and later after the Golden Sword. This recent change in business offered them a wide variety of new research.

Recent YearsEdit

Although the rush of the Diamond & Golden Swords were tremendous, Sunseam Solutions lost its hold in the market when other companies moved in. Recently after the destruction of The Minecraftia Province, Sunseam Solutions set up headquaters in Melarion City. Offials say that there has been word that they are currently researching into Obsidian Weaponry.