Syren is home of Notch Keep, a grand military city of tall stone walls and military towers, which adorn the walls with their dominating presence.

The Knights of Notch are those who rule over the city, and keep it under control. The Knights of notch are an army, who rule over the city.

The Kights Of Notch are a fiercly Religious Army who follow the teachings of Notch.


The Knights are a military force who have been around since the creation of the religion, Created to protect its churches and followers from those who would try to do them harm.


The Governing Body of the Knights of Notch is the High Templar, Who governs the city and the army. The High Templar Sits upon the Mincraftian Council, but as of late tension has been brewing between the city and those around it. They fear the city because of its military dominance and power, and have been making claims and want the city to be weakened, or that laws be put in place to limit the army and its strength.