The Knights of the Armored Cross

The Founding

The The Knights of the Armored Cross was founded by a small group of adveturers by the names of Nick Drusselham,New (now veteran)Hero James and Ben jaxer in a small settelment.After making an underground HQ Nick decided to make a town where the MPG was later moved to. That town is now called New Rampenzaft

Presence in Ciiya

The MPG is known by the Magical Order and are allies with the MO and Jarl Sygrid.Not many others even know of the MPG outside of their recruiting signs in Portside. Right now the MPG is working on making an emmbassy in Malerion an Ragnar's Hold.


To keep Ciiya a safe place for citizens and travellers. They also want to keep it free and natural looking, which is why they haven't built many forts.


The Dark Templars


Nick Druselham

Ben(jamin) Jaxer

High Ranger James

Ray W'ar

Sign Up

Military ranks

To sign up contact:Head Guard:Postion Open


General:Ray W'ar, Ben Jaxer

Leader:Nick Druselham and Veteran Hero James

High Guard:Postion Open

Guards:Postions open

To sign up contact one of these men and ask them to set up a text course for you.The test course msut be taken where there are at least 3 squids or harmless animal.

Outposts so far

Outpost #1:Iron Sword:Behind Ragnars(No longer under the hold of AC)

Outpost #2:Dead Mans End:Across from Fort Claw

Outpost #3The Cross Barricade:Road to Melarion

Main Outpost: Fort Medallion near the Vampire Camp

More outpost will be made soon and made everywhere in Ciiya.