The Blackstone Dominion is the lands owned by the current ruler of Jotunsdeep and Ragnar's Hold, This land has been passed down from generation to generation of the Blackstone Name, who have stood as its rightful lords for over a hundred years now.

The land is protected and guarded by the Stoneswords, Guards of the Realm and the Kingdom, they are drawn from the people within the land and the protect it with their lives if they must, as is made when they swear the oath to protect their home.

The People of the Kingdom are all part of the Blackstone Dominion, even if they are not loyal to the lord, which Sigmund Blackstone accepts, as not all wish to. But as long as they live under his banner, they are part of his people, and he will treat them all with the respect they diserve, and protect them just as much.