Cult of Herobrine




162 A.N



Current Leader:




The Cult of Herobrine is one of Minecraftia's newest cult, dating to the year of 162. First believed to be secretive, in the last comming years it has been rapidly growing. The Cult of Herobrine consists not of churches, but worshiping points housed in underground locations. They are a dark and extremist cult, with many differnt rules.

Followers of the cult do not speak anything of its preachings outside of the Sanctums, and keep their heads down. They believe that Herobrine is the Leader of the Nether, and mostly call him "Herobrine the Endbringer." Most Sanctums and Worship Points have a leader, who is dressed in dark colors with a covered face. The Leader hosts the worshiping, and gives advice to those who seek Hell. The Cult of Herobrine has been outright banned from almost every Province in the World of Minecraft, but still continues to thrive due to secret underground facilities.

The Cult of Herobrine practices dark magic and abuses the powers of the Nether. They are mostly responsible for the rapid increase of Nether-Gates. Recently, most cultists have discovered deep secrets that have been kept from the world about the Nether. They are releasing sensible documents and information from the Magical Order. The Cult of Herobrine is a dark, suspicous and evil cult. Not much other is known about them, but enough is know that it is advised to people who dont seek a life-time commitment to stay away.

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Very little is known about the cult of Herobrine`s history. Although research shows that the cult was founded in 162 A.N, many ex-members claim that it had started before that. Imbetween the times of 162 A.N and 184 A.N many underground sanctums were found underneath the Province of Minecraftia. Although no research was done at the time, many believed that these sanctums were brought up from The Nether. It was not untill 205 A.N when King Edenbare of Vivellia discovered one underneath Castle Croftwind. This lead to many excavations of these sanctums, which unvealed the secrets of The Cult.