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The Iron Wolf symbol

The Iron Wolves began as a small guild in the vilage of Maneburh. They had limited power and few members. When Sygrid Wyrmrider came to Ciiya he came across Maneburh and the Iron Wolves, and over time established himself as the Jarl of the village and from there the leader of the IW. Wyrmrider organised the Wolves so they had clear leadership and began the building of their current HQ. Not much is known about how the IW was founded in the first place but some suspect that the Jarl's Great Great Grandfather, Arutha 'The Builder' Deaeren, travelled to Ciiya in his later life and began the foundations of the IW with his companions.


The Iron Wolves serve as an elite military force on their public side. In private they are spies, assassins, scouts and much more. For a price, a Wolf can be contracted to carry out a specific task, through the Grandmaster. The exact numbers of the Iron Wolves are unknown


The current Iron Wolf headquarters is in Maneburh. Maneburh is a village located off the road on the way from portside to Ragnar's hold. The headquarters is a reasonably large building compared to the other buildings in the village and is difficult to miss. The Iron Wolves are expanding and will have safehouses and outposts in or near most major populated locations in the future.

Fort Claw is almost completed

Fort Fang's is completed

Supply Station Lupa is completed and is on the road between Fort Claw and Portside.


The Iron Wolves work under one leader who can and will delegate roles to his most able and trusted Wolves. The Grandmaster of the organisation - currently Wulfric Wyrmrider - is also known as the Alpha, and his deputies are known as Beta's.

Each Beta is usually assigned a specific role within the Iron wolves and are expected to carry out that responsibility to their utmost ability, otherwise they will be demoted to the pack, or even cast out of the IW.

Alpha The Grandmaster of the Iron Wolves
Beta A Captain of the Iron Wolves
Omega A member of the Iron Wolves


The most reliable method of contacting the Iron Wolves is through their grandmaster - Jarl Wulfric Wyrmrider - if he cannot be found or is busy then one of the beta's is suitable. As a last resort, anyone curious about the Iron Wolves is encouraged to find Maneburh and leave a notice for the Grandmaster