The Magical OrderEdit

The Magical Order


Derrick Mooreview


102 A.N



Current Leader:

Lord Zealen


Council of Sulu

The Magical Order is not a religion, nor a cult, but a practice that has swept The World of Minecraftia for ages. The Magical Order is the base of all of Minecraft's magic and sourcery. The main building, known as the Kingdom of Chance, is located in the center of Trevek. The symbol of The Magical Order is known of a star, with eight rounded points. Each point represents a differnt brach of the Order, such as The Mages Guild, or the Guild of Frost. Universities, Guild's and Wizard Towers dot the maps of the world as they are located in each province. The Magical Order is practiced by a large sum of people, mostly elves and dwarfs at first, but soon became pre-dominatly human. Differnt powers are practiced in The Order, such as the elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Electricity, and Air. Gravity, Weather, and Dark Materials are also studied. Not only is magic practiced, but a mixture of Magic and Swordwork. Spellswords are mostly popular with Orcs, Humans, and Reptilians. Most large towns will atleast consist of one Mage's Guild, which are perfect for people who are looking for a commited life in the Order, or quests that can be obtained. The Guilds are always accepting applications, and people are reccomended to join.


The Magical Order was founded by Derrick Mooreview in 102 A.N after the discovery of Magic. Accidentally, Mooreview combined several ingredients together which combusted when touched. After the discovery, Derrick gathered a group of 15 philosophers to practice different forms of magic. In the year of 107 A.N, the discovery of Magic opened up across the world of Minecraftia. At first, many believed that the act of magic was Witchcraft, but over time became more accepted and practiced.


During the creation of The Order, many scrolls were written of the recipies needed for several spells. Although these scrolls are pronounced lost, only 2 in the world of Minecraftia exist.