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The hellish land

The Nether is considered to be an alternate dimension that was founded when Dark Magic was tampered with by Mages. It is significantly different then the Overworld, as there is no atmosphere and no solid ground. It is also unsure if the Nether is situated below ground, or above ground. You can travel to the Nether via Nether Gates that are commonly founded around the Overworld, however it is not reccomended as creatures roam freely in the Nether, and many cases of Nether-Related Sickness involving death have occured. It is believed that Herobrine roams freely within this Realm, claiming it as his own.

The Terrian and FaunaEdit

The Nether concists of extremely heated temperatures, due to the fact that lava is a main consistancey within. The temperatures can reach as high as 140F (60C) on most average days. The solid ground that is found within the nether is composed of compacted materials known as Netherrack, which is heat and lava resistant. Soul Sand, Glowstone and other materials are also found, but are more rare and valuable.

Some Creatures that roam freely within the Nether are Ghasts, Blazes, Magma's and Zombie Pigmen. Travellars are warned that these creatures are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Nether CastlesEdit

Nether Castles (or, Holds) can be found within the Nether and are usually located near a Nether Gate. They date as far back as the era's before man on Minecraft. Most are set in ruins, but very few are still well kept. Several materials such as treasures and relics can be found within the Castles, deeming them as valuable and rare.