A View of a Tribal Village

The Tribal Lands is a nickname given to the various tribe locations dotted around The Ilses of Sulu. Since 75% of the population in Sulu are tribal (70% Orc), these lands are of some imporatance to the Province.


The first trace of humanoid life in Sulu were Orcs. It is believed that they may have migrated from other Provinces, but most believe that they are native to Sulu's Land. Several Tribes started in Sulu at the early age of 152 B.F (Before Notch).

Recent YearsEdit

In recent years, many Tribes still remain active and still practice ancient traditions. Although most tribes speak Orcish, usually few are capable of speaking English. It is known that the Sulu Leader, Doctor Articullus, does not favour to the excistance of Tribes, and constantly reminds his citizens that they do not excist.