Vevelston Manor, formerly Vevelston (the town), is the private housing of Guspacho Pastullio. Due to the area's history, the land is quite valuable. Guspacho doesn't accept guest often and trespassers' items will be confiscated.


Vevelston's flag

Pre-Guspacho HistoryEdit


The Ruins of whatever settlement was present before the ones followed by Guspacho.

When found, the area consited of four buildings: two houses, a stone
building, and a shed. The old cobble ruins were there longer than the houses, and most likely used by a different group of people, seeing as the building styles differ. The houses had recently been abondoned when found by Guspacho. He is curious what drove them, and those before them, off.


Guspacho was wandering aroung the land near Ragnarshold, looking for a place to build a cabin, when he saw a small shed in the distance. When he got closer to the structure, he saw the other buildings. Thinking it was an inhabited town, he walked towards the place to ask for directions. When he got closer, nobody was there, and the buildings were covered with vines, suggesting the place hadn't been occupied for a few months. Looking through the houses, he spotted a sign atop the stone building. When he got up to read the sign, it said: "Jarko... it happened." Realizing the palce was empty and unclaimed, he decided not to let the place go to watse and became the new ruler.


After naming the place after his great-great grandfather, Guspacho realized what ever drove the ones before off might return, security became a first priority. A wall was established along with two towers based off a tower built by the settlers before him. A flag was set up and property was claimed. Guspacho
now wanted to be recognized as an official ruler.


Modern-day Vevelston

Guspacho talked with Lord Sigmund Blackstone and was able to
get his town officially recognized as an actual town. An alliance was set up and Vevelston was named and offical city.
After getting recognition as a city by the king of Melarion, Guspacho realized he needed a more sociable location to get recognzed by the king as worthy of any political power. He decided the place would instead be his private home, and use the abandoned township of Graewall as the new Vevelston.