A Photo of the Ruined City.

Vivillia is the ancient ruined city, older than even that of Trevek. The city was once the hub of all activity, and was even larger than size of Trevek.

The city now sits empty, and over grown with moss and vines, and the monsters of the night often find refuge within the city. But the land was not empty of all fortune, it is rumoured that deep within the bowls of the city lies a hidden wealth or secret, that would make any man greater than all others, or make them richer than the grandest city. No one truly knows, but someday it is said he who finds it will not only find that, but he will unlock something he wished he had not.

How it was that the city died, is still unknown, in the year lost to time, the land shook with fear and dread, and with it the city crumbled, and started to rip itself apart, but after the day was out, those who came to the city found it empty, and with that they found the unnatural air that lay over the city like a thick fog.

But now the location of Vivellia has fallen into myth and legend, along with what it holds within. It is still unknown if the treasure was ever a real thing, or if it was added to the legend as time past, and the city aged ever older.