Xanbear Telshalla

Most information was lost about Xanbear Telshalla over the years.

Known HistoryEdit

Xanbear’s history (The year 434 and back) Is fairly unknown. There are records of him in the Knights of Notch an asset. Some recall him being a Blacksmith in the center of Elleria. Textbooks recall him in both of the "Primordial Dessert" events. Over the years he has been noted to be a great leader. "(He is ) A great leader, the majority of us pulled into this mess made it out with a few sunburns." -An Expert from the first Primordial Dessert event. It is also noted that he was involved in many "Rift" attacks on the defending side. "Today is a day to rejoice and to mourn. The Knights have attacked and destroyed yet another Nether Rift, They are becoming to often, Gerald was involved this time, He kept the men going strong. A new man was here today with us, He called himself by three names "Xanbear, The Judgementor, and Ishun'Quio" An odd man i say myself but a brilliant fighter none-the-less" -An expert from a Knights Diary


Xanbear Telshalla arrived in Ciiya in the year 586. During his time in Ciiya he was found in remote parts of the Province "Observing" different villages, city's, and people. In recent news Xanbear reviled his true identity from his previous one, "The Judgmentor".


Xanbear has his own way of dealing with "Humans" or ones whom think like them. He generally frown upon humans accusing him of anything, He wants proof that they know, or don't, about the topic. He is a blunt, straight forward man. He disproves most humans, Unless they can "Think" or see his logic.

Positions aquiredEdit

In Ciiya he has acquired the rank "Supreme Commander of Everything" in the Blackstone dominion, and anything under Sigmund rule.

Current StatusEdit

After marrying Zafirah Evernight Xanbear made an enemy of "Aragon" after he was denied permission to be Xanbear Apprentice, After almost killing the man twice he was finished off by another. The same day Aragon was killed his wife was also slain by Archmage Kerian, Who was also killed ((Yay death!)) His thirst for revenge being unable to be justly satisfied he painted his face with the eye color of his lover and let his mind be open to the Disciples causing rapid mood swings and antics he would normally never induce.