Yuri Akimov is an airship pilot, having arrived in Minecraftia after an airship crash.


Early LifeEdit

Yuri was born to his father, Petr Belyakov, and his mother Tatiana Belyakov. At birth he was assigned the number 45 as his "Citizen Number", used to keep track of citizens available military personnel. He began schooling at the age of 8. In his time at school he learned basic arithmetic, business, and combat, but his favourite subject was redstone engineering. In his class he learned how to make several redstone mechanisms. At the age of 18 he joined the military as a combat engineer.

Before MinecraftiaEdit

Yuri began his airship pilot training at the age of 23. After his intense training he was asigned to the airship "The Argus". Its crew consisted of Yuri, the pilot, a co pilot, a captain, 2 bombieders, 4 maintence workers, an engineer, and the all important cook. He became attached to his crew vwey quickly. His 15th mission was to Sterua, an enemy of Ionicus and bomb them. Unfortunately bad weather destroyed his craft over Minecraftia.

Present DayEdit

Yuri is a redstone engineer who lives on Thermoplan Island. He currently owns a redstone shop, and has many interests. He is currently constucting homes on Thermoplan.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Yuri Akimov can be described as a muscular figure with an average height. He usually wears gray coveralls. He has neatly cut dark brown hair and albino (blood coloured) eyes. He commonly wears a ushanka as it cold in his underground house.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Yuri is a very intelligent, militaritic person person. He is usually distrusting of others until he gets to know them better. Yuri is also a very creative person as he is always coming up with new ideas and testing them. Yuri also has strong natural curiosity for why, and how things work. Yuri also tries to do what is morally right.


Yuri owns a lavish estate on Thermoplan Island, a survival manual, and a knife.




  • Petr Belyakov - Father
  • Tatiana Belyakov - Mother


Юрий is a common male given name meaning 'George'. It is also distinctly Slavic. Akimov comes from Alexander Akimov who was a shift supervisor at the Chernobyl Nuclerar Reactor.