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'In the days before now, when the world was new, a child was born to the people of the steppes. On the night he was born, his mother died in childbirth, the moon and the stars were missing from the sky, and a great chasm opened up in the ground and swallowed his father whole, never to be seen again. At the moment the sun rose, it flashed upward with a brilliant radiance never before seen on the earth.

He never cried, and opened his eyes immediately, observing all around him. After his training in the tribes, he left his people, never to return. He wandered the world for many ages, observing the people of the plains, the mountains, the forests, and even those who dwelt under the ground. He learned all their ways, lived with all of them, but never as one of them. One day he returned to the Great Mountain of the Sky, which stood on the horizon from the village in which he was born.

He stood at the foot of the mountain, still as a tree, and stared up at the top of the mountain. He stood there for many days, and people came from far around to see him, convinced that he must know the secrets of the universe. A small market appeared nearby, and people began to bring foods and animals and goods to trade. Soon there was a bustling village, with the man standing at the center.

People always asked him what he looked for, and he always answered "I will know when I see it." On the 10th day of the 10 cycle of the moon in its course, the man moved. He walked toward the mountain, and began to ascend. The people stood watching until he became a tiny speck far away, and then not visible at all. The man was gone for 10 days, and then one night, appeared again in the center of the village. When the sun rose, it flashed upward with a brilliant radiance seen only once before on the earth.

The market came to life, and someone noticed the man was again in the center of the village, but sitting peacefully this time. A small child, to young to know proper respect, ran up to the man and pulled on his cloak. "Yes, my child?" said the man with a smile. "O Revered One, did you see the great God on the mountain?" "No, my child. I did not see the great God. But He saw me." Then the man had a breakfast of waffles, and went in search of adventure.'

Page seven, paragraphs 4-9 of "Story-book of the ancients"

By "the great God" The child and said man whom this page talks about meant "Notch".

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