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Zero is a powerful warrior that conquered the plains of Xeros. He had a massive keep filled with soldiers. He ruled with little resistance, but one day his assistant, Tempest, gave away the hidden passageway past his ultimate defense, the arrow reign. The Arrow Reign was a massive hallway that was filled with hidden arrow cannons no one got past the first 10 feet before falling to the defense. Tempest told people of the passage to the side of the defense the guarded Zero's throne room. Zero left to a war one day, but while he was away a demolition team came in and destroyed the castle from the inside. Zero, having conquered and destroyed the army with his men, came back to ruins. With no where to go and already being wounded by the war his men turned on him. Zero fought them off, but not without receiving fatal wounds. He staggered into a forest and collapsed. A magician found him and healed his wounds. Zero was intrigued by the methods of the mage and asked if he could be taught. The mage told him he was taught by the Magical order. Zero set out to learn their ways.

~5 months later~

After a short time as a magician, Zero learned of a smaller group. It was a small group of vampires a short distance away from the dorms of the Magical Order. Zero traveled their and found himself in the middle of a ritual to join a new member. The vampires attack, but Zero stopped them with a fire nova. He explained he wished to join their ranks and become a dark force. The leader, Dasidif, smiled and welcomed him. He stayed for a month their, helping Dasidif, embracing his new dark life, but then, he found himself weak. You see, with the location of their home public knowledge, the vampire could find very few amounts of prey. Angry with their declining un-lives, Dasidif made a new home for him and his kin. Zero was pleased with his leader's choice, but a thought struck him. What if this is how he lived forever more? What if he constantly moved from place to place? He couldn't bare it. So, one night, while everyone was away, Zero snuck away running at extreme speeds south until he found the Magical Order's Living areas. Day was breaking when he arrived, but he hid under the surface of the water until a mage came to the entrance. The mage was the Arch mage Sandoval. He immediately trapped Zero in a box of glass. Zero punched through and explained his position. Sandoval, hesitant to allow the vampire in the dorms asked him to stay as he went to discuss with the others. Unfortunately, Zero was impatient, and rushed past Sandoval toward the altar in the fountain. Zero was burning in the daylight, but then clouds formed in the sky blocking the sun and wham!!! Sandoval struck Zero with a bolt of lightning.